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Black Fashion: A Blast to the Past

JET, Essence, Ebony, Right On!— these major publications and more brought topics related to Black entertainment and culture to the forefront in American society. In fact, Ebony Magazine (@ebonymagazine on Instagram), founded in 1945, served as a key galvanizing force during the Civil Rights Movement. That same spirit and force lives on through Gravity Magazine and other growing Black media & entertainment outlets worldwide.

This December, our photoshoot pays homage to the magazines that broke barriers in the media industry, while also highlighting the hair, fashion, and accessories that made each decade fun and distinguishable.


Thank you to the platforms that inspired a generation of young Black creators- @ebonymagazine / @getjetmag / @essence / @rightondigital / @vibemagazine

Model Information

Stephanie Walcott: @hittameteor

Joshua Cureton: @juztjosh

Gravity Creative Team

Executive Director

Olbrine Thelusma: @olbrine

Creative Directors

Shane Shakoor: @shakkomusic

Johannie Beauvais: @johanniealexis

Nailah Anderson:

Tatiana Robinson: @tati.robinson


Roma Williams: @riw_10


Jay DeGrace: @jay.degrace @my.jaypeg


Tatiana Robinson: @tati.robinson

Jayda Graham: jaydasgraham

Photo Editor

Jay DeGrace: @jay.degrace @my.jaypeg

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