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(Photoshoot) Black Perception of Self: Let Your Hair Down

In 2020, Black men and women still have to think twice before they leave the house with a hairstyle that’s too representative of their roots. Because of this simple fact of life, it is even more imperative that we, as Black individuals, reserve the space to flourish in our most natural form.

Black men, women, and children fight constant battles in academic, professional, and social settings because of their hair. Society has demonized Black hair for centuries in a vain attempt to silence a world beyond their comprehension. In ‘Let Your Hair Down’, the first installment of The Art’s ‘Black Perception of Self’ series, we wanted to reintroduce Black hair in a relaxed manner. Our models, all in loungewear, hone in on their unapologetic attitude towards their kinks and curls.

To grow

To cut

To loc

To twist

The decision is and has always been yours. May the people in your life value your hair as an extension of you.

Tell that little girl or boy rockin’ the mini fro, the braids, and the cornrows that they are beautiful today. 

The time has come to collectively dismiss the negative connotations of Black hair within and beyond our communities. I love reflecting on this generations’ effort towards embracing the beauty of nurturing our hair. We continue to educate one another on the significance of maintaining your crown sharing tips, tricks, and routines. Rest assured that we’ll be passing down the blueprint.

Creative Director, Shane Shakoor




Tiara Ranson

Jonathan Emmanuel

Veroneeka Dorval

Sandy Denis

Johannie Beauvais

Naseem Beyah-Bryant

Haydon Hall

Kennedy Debow

Takemia Bethel

Abigail Adeleke

Creative Team:

Executive Producer, Olbrine Thelusma

Creative Director, Shane Shakoor

Videographer, Tatiana Robinson

Photograohers, Jay Degrace & Reece Marcelle

Photo Editor, Jay Degrace

Stylist, Kay-Anne Henry

Cover Story Writers, Clarke Weddington & Jalyn Hamilton

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