Your Skin is a Blessing

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The summer before freshman year, Reece Marcelle’s grandmother gave him a camera and the rest is history. For him, photography is more than capturing a moment, but rather “a means of relaying perspective from one person to another.”

The 20-year-old Maryland native manages to balance his photography business, Goldenshot, and the intense work his Entrepreneurship major demands. When asked why he started Goldenshot, Marcelle kept it simple: “Taking pictures was a way to visually remind everyone that melanin is a highlight, not a handicap.”

Marcelle also noted the racial demographic of the University of Miami as inspiration in creating his business, stating that, “Goldenshot got started because I wanted to have a means of connection for all the students of color considering we all attend a PWI.”

From America’s inception, beauty has been based on Eurocentric values. Oftentimes, Black women and men are shamed for their natural features, whether it be darker skin, kinkier hair, or nose size. Marcelle believes this issue has only been exacerbated by the era of smartphones and evolving technology, making it even more accessible to disseminate a false narrative that lighter skin equates to beauty.

The core of Marcelle’s mission is simple: “There’s an endless amount of people of color who don’t recognize their own beauty because they live in a society that teaches them that they are less. It’s a fallacy.

Sue me, I’m rooting for everyone that is Black!”

“Everyone holds a different perspective in the world,” Marcelle begins, “points of view vary from person to person, proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because of this, I never believe anyone that claims they are not photogenic, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

Marcelle does not stop there, but goes on to proclaim that, “despite what society, friends, family, or even yourself says, your skin is a blessing.”

***** If you would like to book an appointment with Reece (Goldenshot) this semester or would like to simply stay connected with a Black owned photography business, please follow on Instagram. You can either book through the profile, by Square, or Direct Message.

Reporter: Julian Crosby

The Art, Gravity Magazine, 2020

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