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Kenny in Cape: Special Edition

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

For junior Accounting major Kennedy Farrior, studying abroad meant reminding herself that Black individuals are worthy of such an experience.

'Kenny in Cape' follows Farrior as she begins a life altering adventure in Cape Town, South Africa amidst a growing, global pandemic with the power to change everything.


Why do you think Black students in particular should study abroad?

Black students should 100% wholeheartedly live their best black lives, and for me studying abroad is apart of that. I feel as though Black students are often discouraged from studying abroad because of the price tag or fear of experiencing racism in other countries, but there are so many benefits that really make it worth it. When applying for jobs and internships, everyone wants to be the most qualified and stand out from other candidates. Studying abroad gives you a new worldly perspective of how things operate in another country that not everyone will have. And sure you could just vacation in another country if you got it like that, but fully immersing yourself in another culture for months at a time is an opportunity that doesn’t happen often. You can connect with people from other universities you may have never met otherwise, and the friendships that can come out of these programs are beautiful. My first trip abroad was the summer before my senior year in high school with a program called People to People, and I’m still friends with the other attendees! And while my study abroad experience was cut short I still keep in touch with the friends I’ve made as well. I know it’s not everyone’s goal in life to leave their campus friends for an entire semester to study somewhere they’ve never been, but to all of my Black students who even have the slightest interest, look into it! It’s truly the opportunity of a lifetime and we are worthy of these experiences.

How did you make study abroad economically accessible?

Study abroad is really fun and interesting but it definitely comes with a price tag. I would say the best way to make sure it’s is economically accessible for you is to look for scholarships! Both through UM and outside scholarships are available for study abroad so I encourage to apply for as many as you can! Also Miami offers different study abroad programs, but when you apply through the school if you have an academic scholarship that will also count towards your study abroad semester.

How do you go about finding the right place for you?

After growing up surrounded by people who don’t look like me, I am always craving more diversity whether it’s in my job, extra curriculars, or surroundings in general. So when it came down to choosing which study abroad program was best for me, I really wanted to go somewhere that was different then what I’ve ever been exposed to. So truthfully one of the reason’s I chose UCape Town was because it wasn’t in Europe, but having the chance to go to Africa for an entire semester sounded like a dream. I thought that if I were going to study somewhere for months, might as well make it somewhere that would be harder to do a week long vacation! Thus, Cape Town is the farthest place I’ve traveled to date, however I was also looking into Australia since it’s been on my travel bucket list for awhile. Unfortunately there are no U Programs in Australia, and that was something else I really wanted. For studying abroad, Miami offers U Programs, faculty led programs, UM partner programs, and exchange programs, however I wanted to make sure it was a U Program specifically because the school helps you a little more through the application process, meeting alumni who have done your program, housing, and overall it’s a little less hectic. Lastly for some people studying abroad with friends is really important, but I was more focused on where I want to be and what I could get out of the program, because the friends will come! And I’m so glad they did.

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