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King & Queen

“The style was intentional. I wanted the guys in durags and the women in scarves to bring attention to the distinct crowns we wear,” begins UM Journalism Alum Nathalie Moreau in an exclusive interview with Gravity.

In the photoshoot ‘King & Queen’, Moreau and colleague Sehaj Khara derive inspiration from the 90s’ era of fashion and utilize symbolism of royalty to call for harmony within Black communities.

Moreau contributes the inspiration of the project to the Black Lives Matter movement that catalyzed the nation stating that, “I wanted to remind Black men and women to uplift and reassure one another. I wanted to create a sense of vulnerability, because only in our most vulnerable state are we able to see each other.”

The essence of ‘King & Queen’ was captured through aid of technical skills taught to Moreau by UM Arts Lecturer Jeffrey Larson.

“It felt so good to collaborate with so many beautiful Black men and women,” Moreau concludes in her final statements of the interview, “I hope others relate to the concept and spread some love & joy to the Black community.”

Wear your crown with pride.

For more media from Nathalie, visit her photography Instagram: @nathaliemoreau_photography



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