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Masculinity: A Photoshoot

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

“There are many things men do to have the type of power we associate with masculinity: We have to perform and stay in control. We’re supposed to conquer, be on top of things, and call the shots. We have to tough it out, provide, and achieve.Meanwhile we learn to beat back our feelings, hide our emotions, and suppress our needs.” -Michael Kaufman
When we lose touch with our own frailties we become judgmental and dangerous to others.” -Terrence Real

To cry. To smile. To feel. To love.

Let Black Boys Live in Peace.



Christian Dee Guzman


Isaiah Frazier


Hemish Phillip


Nikolas Ferreyra


Justin Mauney


Gravity Creative Team

Photoshoot Credits

Executive Producer


Olbrine Thelusma

Creative Directors



Isabella Tabio

Yvanna Bollanga



Jay DeGrace



Tatiana Robinson

Photo Editor


Jay DeGrace

Cover Story Writers



Jalyn Hamilton

Clarke Weddington


Gravity Creative Team x SWYF (Speak What You Feel) Video Credits



Naseem Beyah-Bryant

Executive Producer


Olbrine Thelusma



Jay DeGrace

Video Editor


Olbrine Thelusma

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