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Visit Earth N Us Farm: A Community Oasis of Life

When you visit South Florida, most people run to the beach and the well-known spots for which the area is known.

Whether that be South Beach, Brickell or Key Biscayne, you are bound to have a great time surrounded by some fun and sun. What most people realize when they stay in South Florida for more than a few weeks or when they regularly travel here is that it is a place filled with community.

The people that live there contribute greatly to the experience. Community and communing are the guiding principles behind the Earth N Us Farm, a farm located in Little River, a community that is just north of Little Haiti, that is entirely community run.

Nestled in between normal family homes and verdant greenery in the middle of urban Miami is the farm that is two acres of lush land that is home to several goats, pigs, parrot birds, turkeys, chickens, two tortoises and an emu. It is not what most people expect just four to five miles north of downtown Miami.

There is also a seed drive station, a vegetable garden and a treehouse that someone lives in. It is an oasis within an oasis that was created by Ray Chasser more than 40 years ago.

When I visited, Chasser was not there, but many other people were. Families with small children carrying bags of fruit for the goats and several men and women working on the land, nodding and smiling underneath their masks.

One of the first features you see upon entering the side entrance of the farm is a narrow lane to a large open pen with sections of different animals. The goats and their mighty horns are seen first, and they are being fed by a tourist. Within that tourist family was a little girl, who generously gave me some watermelon slices so that I could feed the goat as well.

Zaria Pressley, a self-proclaimed nomad and student who was born in Atlanta, but has lived in almost 20 states throughout her 21-year-old life, says that she stumbled upon the farm after she got lost and saw a group of people leaving an area with yoga mats.

“I love yoga, so I asked them where they were coming from and they let me know that the farm does yoga sessions on Sunday. Now, I have been coming here every other day for the past three weeks,” Pressley said.

Aside from the impressive array of animals and farming land, the farm hosts several events on its property. On Sundays, there’s events like yoga classes and potlucks. On the nights of a full moon, they have drum circles. And there’s always opportunities to feast on tasty vegan food or gardening classes to help you make your own food.

The experience received at this community farm was simply transcendental. From the array of animals to the yoga swing and the volunteers smiling as you enter, you will surely have a great time at Earth N Us.

For more information, visit their site here.

REPORTER: Kay-Ann Henry

THE CITY, Gravity Magazine, 2020

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