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Young, Black, and Gifted

Miami fosters no shortage of gifted Black creatives, some of which can be found here at the University of Miami. These talented individuals are committed to inspiring others through the mastery of their craft while using creative outlets as a form of self-expression. Here we highlight seven Black creatives at the University of Miami turning their passions into a reality.

Nailah Anderson is a junior from Paterson, New Jersey, who specializes in photography, creative directing, and digital media. Anderson started to scratch the surface of photography and digital media in high school where she became interested in the field, later deciding to pursue it further at the University of Miami. Her photography style focuses mainly on portraits and human expressions. Anderson says the reason for this is that humans are very interesting, especially in their appearance. She states that our expressions show how we are on the inside, whether you’re angry, sad, etc., and she tries her best to capture that on camera. “Humans are beautiful when they’re not being terrible to each other”. Anderson displays her work, through a multitude of outlets including Instagram, her website, the Black Creatives Collective (BCC), and through her work for Gravity and Distraction Magazine here at UMiami. Her aspirations for her work in the future include owning her own art studio and working as a photographer or creative director for a magazine company. Instagram: / @marzdouble


Jaylon Virgil is a freshman here at UM whose artistic dexterity is unapologetically nonconforming. Originally from Washington, D.C, Virgil is a self-taught artist who dabbles in many different art forms including physical paintings, drawings, digital media, and music. His versatility is unparalleled and his curiosity encourages him to branch out to different media forms, adapting to his environment and using the resources he has available to produce art of all sorts. Virgil’s inspiration branches from many sources including his family, his passion to create, and observing people in his everyday life. He displays his work through various platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and his personal website where his audience can tour his virtual galleries. Virgil’s main goals are to have his art featured in a gallery and continue challenging and developing himself as an artist.

All platforms: @shadyypro,


Jamie Williams, Kylea Stamps, and Shadae Nicholas (Photographed right to left), are all sophomores here at the University of Miami who came together their freshman year to form their YouTube channel KRV TV. The three girls started their channel as a way to give people an insight into the UMiami experience from the perspective of three, non-Miami native, women of color. Their videos often contain informative content shaped and inspired by personal experiences and the outreach from current and prospective students. Their long term goals include hitting one million subscribers and continuing to be a platform for students considering attending the University of Miami. The girls encourage everyone to continue reaching out to them with content ideas and to stay tuned in to all their social media as KRV TV has something big and exciting coming up.

Instagram: @kylearenea_ / @jamie.victoria / @shadaek_ / @the.safteysociety,

Youtube: KRV TV

Derryl Barnes Jr. is a digital media content creator and on air talent here at the University of Miami. Barnes is originally from Chicago, Illinois, where he started broadcasting and creating digital media content as early as his freshman year of highschool. He currently anchors for UMTV’s News Vision and has a segment called Off the Bench on UMTV’s SportsDesk. Along with UMTV Barnes also displays his work through Youtube and Instagram, and has received many awards and recognitions, his most recent one being the Crystal Pillar at the NATAS Student Production Awards. One of Barnes’ biggest challenges while in his field has been navigating it through the lens of someone who is biracial, often feeling as if there is no one box he fits into. He feels that realizing that he doesn’t have to conform to solely one aspect of his identity has predicated some of his success. Barnes’ goal is to keep creating content he is proud of while informing and educating people in fun and exciting ways.

Instagram/ Youtube: @derrylroyce

Jordi Polycarpe is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Queens, New York, who attends the Frost School of Music as a current Junior here at UMiami. She has been songwriting for over 10 years and has recently released an EP out on all platforms, titled “JONAH” where she follows a relationship from start to finish. Polycarpe writes music for people who like connecting to the world through sound and displays her music through social media and live shows. She draws much of her inspiration from her family, her Haitian background, sounds of nature, as well as some of her favorite artists and producers such as Alicia Keys and Timbaland. Through her music, Jordi aims to convey raw emotion by analyzing what she wants to say and how she wants her music to make people feel. Polycare’s longterm goals are to work on an album, bring her music to as many people as possible, and remain self-sufficient. She encourages everyone to go stream her newly released lyric video for her single “Throw Hands” on Youtube, and be on the lookout for her two new music videos premiering within the next month.

All platforms: @jordipolycarpe,


REPORTER: Nevaeh Williams

THE CITY, Gravity Magazine, 2021.

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